Gladys Marine Yachting Club
A Private "Members Only" Yachting Club


Why own a yacht when you can enjoy all the pleasure and prestige of ownership without the expense or worry?  Gladys Marine has the experience and variety of professionally maintained vessels to provide members with a memorable experience.  All are maintained by Gladys Marine, Inc. at their facility, at the Colonial Beach Yacht Center.
Instead of the costs of purchase, berthing, maintenance and insurance - your Membership gives you access to the entire fleet.  The number of members is limited.
$5K Minimum Investment
1, 3 & 5 year Memberships
Contact us for details.
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Memberships can be taylored to your interests from LiveAboard Yachts to Fishing boats

Three Day Trial Memberships at National Harbor:
Come spend time aboard our 57' Jefferson Pilothouse with access to our 23' Parker for $2500.  Also includes Potomac River Cruise (Weather permitting)
Or stay aboard the 42'Bertram with access to the 23' Parker for $1000
Three days may be used consecutively or separated for guest's convenience
Now's Your Chance to Experience Life on the Water!

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